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Terrazzo flooring refers to a grout less floor that has one-seventh cement and two-seventh coarse sand and four-seventh marble chips. Terrazzo flooring has been used for centuries, but of late, it has been making a revival again in certain areas, such as Miami and other places in South Florida where Terrazzo was used from the 1920 until the late 1950's..

Making a terrazzo floor is a three-level process. First, the workers put one layer of concrete on the surface. After it sets, they add a second layer made of sandy concrete (portland cement). Now, before this layer completely sets, the workers add partitions in the concrete of copper or stainless steel, if a design will be used in the floor.This determine the ultimate pattern and design of the terrazzo flooring.Then, the workers use marble chip mixtures to complete the design of the flooring, before leveling the entire floor with a lightweight roller.

However, like all floors, terrazzo flooring also requires cleaning. If your terrazzo flooring is a recent installation, you might have a sealant over the floor. You simply need to clean over the stains with a good terrazzo cleaner and water. However, older installations usually do not have a sealant over them. In this case, you might have to go through several processes to clean your floor. First, you need to consult a reputible Stone restoration company, such as Colonial Floor and Stone Care, who has been serving Miami/Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties for over 20 years. Colonial will come out and consult with the individual needs of your home or business. Formulating a plan that will bring your old dirty and possibly chip or cracked Terrazzo, back to the condition it was meant to be. Shinning, glossy, colorful and a genunine piece of craftsman art.

Keeping your newly polished terrazzo flooring is also an easy task. However, one might require some expert help as well, for the initial polishing. Polishing an existing floor is a three-step process. First, one has to remove the existing wax still there from the older floor that may still remained on the decades old floor. Then, the floor requires a complete cleaning with Colonial Floor and Stone Care proprietary cleaning method, and perhaps an aggressive grinding with finer and finer grits of diamond grinding pads if the floor has deep damage. Finally, one has to apply the polish along with a penetrating sealer and let it dry overnight.With polishing, your terrazzo floor will radiate a sheen that will truly stun anyone who sees it. Regular weekly cleaning and maintenance with a neutral soap and water or Colonial can provide the best cleaning solution for your floor. Doing regular cleaning at least weekly, along with daily cleaning of dirt,dust or sand,are the best ways to keep your terrazzo floor gleaming in South Florida.

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